Your logo is the central piece in your business’s visual identity, and logo design is my favorite type of project. Together we identify the concepts and values that are most vital to your business and that will influence the imagery, type style, and colors of your logo. The process of revising the initial concepts into a final design is a conversation between designer (me) and expert on your business (you). The final result is a custom-built logo that you love and your customers recognize as uniquely yours.

Robert S. Cruikshank

Oakland Tool Lending Library

Community Resource Initiative

Kathy Grayson, MFT

BizReady Brokers

Civil Engineering Solutions

Center for Citizen Initiatives

Dr. Jessica Schellinck, DDS

Grow With Positive

Computer Guy

Guillermo's Painting

All Hands Art

Your Probiotic Kitchen

The Sirius Dog

Coyote Coast

Kissing Fish Photography

Colorado School of Mines UCT

Big Sky Luxury Yarns

Fazio Associates